From beautiful autumn colors to a snow-covered winter wonderland, the cooler months are the perfect time to enjoy Fukushima Prefecture's abundance of nature and delicious food, blessings that may not be getting the recognition they deserve these days.

That's why we're asking your help in spreading the word! Share your photos (or video) of beautiful Fukushima with hashtag #VisitFukushima on Instagram and Twitter, and help us tell the world how many wonderful, positive things Fukushima has to offer!

The more photos you share, the more chances you have to win!



Part 1 will run from September 16, 2017 through November 30, 2017.
Part 2 will run from December 1, 2017 through February 16, 2018.

(All dates and times are Japan Standard Time)


Winners of Part 1 will be announced on December 18, 2017.
Winners of Part 2 will be announced on March 12, 2018.

(All dates and times are Japan Standard Time)


Contest prizes will be awarded in two categories: still images and video. Winners will receive a voucher
that can be used at any of approximately 300 hotels and other accommodations in Fukushima Prefecture!

  • Still image

    1. 1st60,000 yen (1 Winner)
    2. 2nd30,000 yen (1 Winner)
    3. 3rd10,000 yen (5 Winner)
  • Video

    1. 1st60,000 yen (1 Winner)
    2. 2nd30,000 yen (1 Winner)
    3. 3rd10,000 yen (2 Winner)
  • – Prizes awarded for both still image and video categories will be the same across Part 1 and 2 of the Contest.
  • – Please note that prizes may not match the photos, and the contest operator reserves the right to change the prizes awarded.
  • – See ABOUT HOTEL VOUCHER PRIZES below for details.
  • – Winning entries will be chosen based on their impact on social media, the number of votes received by our judges, and their consistency with the photo contest theme.
  • – Winners will be notified by direct message to their Instagram or Twitter accounts, or by email.
  • – Winners must reply within 48 hours; otherwise they forfeit their right to claim their prize.

See Winners


  1. Step 1

    Make an Instagram or Twitter account if you don't have one already

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  2. Step 2

    Follow Fukushima Prefecture's official Instagram account at @rediscoverfukushima, or official Twitter account at @visitfukushima


  3. Step 3

    Post your best photo or video of Fukushima Prefecture with the hashtag #VisitFukushima (Photos/videos must have been taken within the last 2 years.)


  4. Step 4

    That's it! Look for your submission to appear on our website soon!

  5. Note: If you do not have an Instagram or Twitter account, you can still submit an entry using our dedicated entry form. This entry method only requires a Facebook account or email address.



Please read these Terms and Conditions before submitting entries to this campaign. All contestants, by submitting entries, are considered to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

  • ・This campaign is being run by Nihon Unisys, Inc. (“the Operator”), with the permission of Fukushima Prefecture.
  • ・Copyright and Usage Rights for Grand Prize and First Prize winning entries shall be transferred to Fukushima Prefecture.
  • ・Fukushima Prefecture shall be permitted to use Contest entries in their website, official social media, posters, and in-store displays.
  • ・If posting a photo with a person in it, please ensure that you have the person’s consent to do so. Fukushima Prefecture and Nihon Unisys, Inc. assume no responsibility whatsoever for any issues related to portrait rights or rights of likeness.
  • ・Photos/videos must have been taken within the last 2 years.
  • ・When entering via Instagram or Twitter, be sure your account is public.
  • ・If you are not following Fukushima Prefecture’s official Instagram account (@rediscoverfukushima) or Twitter account (@visitfukushima), your entry or entries will be disqualified.
  • ・When entering the Contest using the Entry Form on the Contest Website, be sure you are able to receive email from the domain name.

Do not post any of the following types of content. If the operator determines that your post falls into any of these categories, it may be excluded from consideration.

  • ・Content that could be considered offensive, including but not limited to sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent or other objectionable content
  • ・Commercial content, such as content that includes advertising or solicitations to access a particular website or address
  • ・Content unrelated to Wakayama Prefecture, or content that is determined not to show Wakayama Prefecture’s beauty or attractiveness
  • ・Content that might cause a conflict of rights with a particular character or celebrity
  • ・Content that slanders a person, company, or organization or infringes on privacy
  • ・Content that infringes on the copyright or portrait rights/rights of likeness of any third parties
  • ・Content posted using an account that impersonates another person or company/organization using their name, etc.
  • ・Any other content that we consider to be inappropriate
  • ・The @VisitFukushima Photo Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Inc., Twitter, Inc., or Facebook, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13 years of age or older, release Instagram, Inc., Twitter, Inc., or Facebook, Inc. of all responsibility, and agree to each social network’s terms of use.
  • ・When entering the Contest, please abide by the Terms and Conditions for each social network you use in addition to these Terms and Conditions. Fukushima Prefecture and Nihon Unisys, Inc. are not responsible for any issues related to entrants' use of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.
  • ・Entrants are responsible for any applicable data transfer or internet connection fees.
  • ・Depending on your device model, usage, and connection environment, in some cases it may not be possible to submit an entry.
  • ・In principle, the campaign Operator cannot answer any questions about the use of any social network or device settings.
  • ・If your prize is damaged when you receive it, within 3 business days please send a photo of the damage along with a description to the email address of the Operator, listed below.
  • ・This campaign may be modified or cancelled without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ・The hotel vouchers awarded as contest prizes may be used at the nearly 300hotels, ryokans, and other accommodations that are members of the Fukushima Prefecture Ryokan and Hotel Association. However, be certain to ask the accommodation at the time of booking whether they accept Fukushima Hotel Vouchers, as there are some Association-member accommodations that do not accept them.
  • ・Hotel vouchers are valid for six (6) months from date of issue.
  • ・Hotel vouchers are printed with a serial number. Vouchers without a serial number are void.
  • ・The Fukushima Prefecture Ryokan and Hotel Association is not responsible for any compensation for hotel vouchers that are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.
  • ・Vouchers may not be used when making reservations through online websites such as Rakuten, Jalan, etc. In principle vouchers may only be used for accommodation, so please check with individual hotels regarding golf or ski packages, etc.
  • ・The Fukushima Prefecture Ryokan and Hotel Association will not act as mediator between accommodations and guests. Please contact the accommodation directly when booking.
  • ・Be sure to tell the ryokan or hotel staff at the time of booking that you wish to use a Fukushima Hotel Voucher.
  • ・Hotel vouchers are not redeemable for cash in part or full. No credit or change will be given on unused portions.

Any personal information you provide to us will only be used for sending your prize.


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