#VisitFukushima Photo Contest




Still image

First Prize

onotch (@onotch.x)

Photographically, this photo is awesome! I love the reflection on the lake, and the falling snow. It really gives people the sense of scale - how big the mountains are in the background.

Second Prize

gunnyama (@gunnyama)

It looks so fun, and makes me want to visit!
The Black-and-white contrast between the child and the duckling makes the picture very story-impacting.

Third Prize

  • Anett (@clumsycollie)

  • jan january (@janjanuary30)

  • 迴紋針 (@christabelle)

  • Aphasia (@bingxiusu)

  • bankie tiyatak (@bankie_tiyatak)

These photos are composed well photographically and show beauty of Fukushima too.


First Prize

📷 (@kim_kao_)

This is a nicely edited video of Ouchi-juku in the snow. I like how it shows the overall experience of the tour and the interaction with the tourist, from the selfie video to the food, and interesting houses in the village!

Second Prize

Vince Wang (@voncetheone)

Nicely edited video with action camera and drone footage.
It makes people want to travel.

Third Prize

Miyuki Oonuma (@oonumamiyuki)

Veronica. From Belarus🇧🇾 (@ver0nika4ka)

These videos show winter attraction in Fukushima and make people want to visit.




Contest prizes will be awarded in two categories: still images and video. Winners will receive a voucher
that can be used at any of approximately 300 hotels and other accommodations in Fukushima Prefecture!

  • Still image

    1. 1st60,000 yen (1 Winner)
    2. 2nd30,000 yen (1 Winner)
    3. 3rd10,000 yen (5 Winner)
  • Video

    1. 1st60,000 yen (1 Winner)
    2. 2nd30,000 yen (1 Winner)
    3. 3rd10,000 yen (2 Winner)
  • – Prizes awarded for both still image and video categories will be the same across Part 1 and 2 of the Contest.
  • – Please note that prizes may not match the photos, and the contest operator reserves the right to change the prizes awarded.
  • – See ABOUT HOTEL VOUCHER PRIZES below for details.